Search help

Basic search

Default search returns all articles that have entered words in title. You can change this behavior by selecting different search field in search options. Search options are displayed by clicking on search options button (on the right side of search button). In search options you can select between search within article title, authors and keywords.

Search by author returns all articles written by entered author. Search on multiple authors is performed by delimiting authors with blank space (example: Treer Safner).

Search by keyword will return articles that have assigned keyword that match to entered phrase. Search on multiple keywords is performed by delimiting keywords with blank space (example: carp lake).

By enclosing search phrase with double quotes (“”) you are enforcing exact match of entered search phrase, rather than search by each entered word.

By putting exclamation sing (!) in front of search phrase you are excluding articles with given phrase from results.

Advance search

Search can be customized even more by usage of special keywords, delimited from search phrase by double colon character (:). On top of basic search if you specify those keywords result will be limited to entered additional condition. Special keywords are: title:, author: and keyword:. Special keywords can be combined with basic search options in any manner.

Special keyword title: will limit output result to only those articles that match entered phrase in title. For example search phrase title:lake !manmade will return all articles with phrase lake in title and also will filter out all articles that have manmade lake in title.

Special keyword author: will limit search results to articles that match entered phrase in authors field. Example is search river Sava author:Treer which will return all articles that have river Sava in title and are written by author Treer.

Special keyword keyword: will limit search result to articles that have (don’t have) entered phrase assigned as keyword. For example search hydrochemistry keyword:river will return all articles that have word chemistry in title and phrase river assigned as keyword.

Note: you can also control number of displayed search results in dropdown box located in search option section.