THE FRESHWATER FISHERIES LAW (»Narodne novine«, br. 106/01)

(»Narodne novine«, br. 106/01)
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THE FRESHWATER FISHERIES LAW (»Narodne novine«, br. 106/01) Suić, J.Keywords:
lawfresh water fisheriescroatia

Volume: 60
Issue: 4
Pages: 131 - 140


The first chapter (Common regulations) contains basic definitions as well as the vocabulary of the terms which were used in the text of the act, furthermore dividing of fishing waters, the work of the institutions registered for the freshwater fisheries and ecology of inland waters. Chapter II. deals with the conditions for commercial fisheries. In Chapter III., which is related to recreational–sports fisheries, the conditions for recreational–sports fisheries (fishing exams, fishing licences, fishing right, management acts, yearly plans fishguard service etc) were defined, as well as the public empowering dedicated to the H[RS (The Croatian Sports Fisheries Association) The Chapter IV contains conditions for the aquaculture. The protection of the fish is regulated in Chapter V. (selective fishing, restocking of fishing waters, no–fishing periods, minimal sizes of catch, fishing gear, compensation of damages).Chapter VI. contains regulations of usage of money funds collected on basis of fishing licences for recreational–sports fisheries, commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Chapter VII. is dealing with the system of data collecting in commercial fisheries, recreational–sports fisheries and aquaculture. Chapter VIII. regulates the administrative inspection (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) and field inspection (State inspectorate and authorized official persons of Ministry of Internal Affairs). Chapter IX. — Special regulations — deals with foreign persons in aquaculture and fishing. Chapter X. contains the amounts of financial punishments. Transitional and final regulations in Chapter XI deal with the terms in which the Minister of agriculture and forestry should bring all the sub–laws on basis of this law. Also the terms are defined regarding the management acts and all the documents (permissions) and exams