WILD-CAUGHT VERSUS FARMED FISH – CONSUMER PERCEPTIONDownload fileoriginal scientific paper
WILD-CAUGHT VERSUS FARMED FISH – CONSUMER PERCEPTIONTomić, M., Lucević, Z., Tomljanović, T., Matulić, D.Keywords:
farmed fishwild-caught fishcroatian consumersfresh fish

DOI number: http://dx.doi.org/10.1515/cjf-2017-0007

Volume: 75
Issue: 2
Pages: 41 - 50


We have limited knowledge of determinants of consumer preferences for wild-caught versus farmed-raised fish, so this work aims to investigate the impact of sociodemographics, habits and frequency of fresh fish consumption, such as involvement in cooking, on the preferences for wild versus farmed fish. A survey was done on a sample of 1151 fish consumers in Croatia. Results showed that female, older consumers, consumers with higher income and those living in coastal parts of Croatia give higher preferences for wild fish and they detect differences between the taste of wild and farmed fish. Consumers with higher levels of habits of fresh fish consumption, who eat fresh fish often and are more involved in cooking, prefer wild-caught fish. These findings provide valuable information for the aquaculture sector, especially for planning marketing strategies for the promotion of farmed fish.