ICHTHYOFAUNA OF A PART OF SAVA RIVERDownload file(Article is in Croatian)original scientific paper
ICHTHYOFAUNA OF A PART OF SAVA RIVERHabeković, D., Safner, R., Aničić, I., Treer, T.Keywords:
ichthyofaunaspecies stucturechubthe sava river

Volume: 55
Issue: 3
Pages: 99 - 110


Based on a personal research from 1991-1994 the ichthyofauna structure of the part of the Sava river upstream from Zagreb on the section from Podsused to Gradna mouth is presented. The data are being compared with the results of the research of this part of the Sava river before constructing the Krško nuclear power plant.The ichthyological samples were taken seasonally, on various water levels and temperatures of the Sava river.A qualitative and quantitive structure of the fish communities was identified (Tabels 1 to 7).The researched area is populated by fish of the transitional-plain type of the open waters, which means it belongs to the typical barbel region with all the related fish species. The most numerous is the Cyprinidae family, dominated by the chub species (Leuciscus cephalus L.). Around thirty species and subspecies of fish and Cyclostomata populates the area.