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The Croatian Journal of Fisheries is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific and technical journal. It was founded in 1938 and has a long tradition of publishing papers on freshwater and marine fisheries. Topics covered in the Journal include ichthyology, aquaculture, ecology and diseases of fish and other aquatic organisms, open waters and other topics related to fisheries. The Journal features articles that present original research, interpretations and topics of interest to the fisheries profession. Original scientific communications, which have not yet been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere, may be submitted in the following main categories:

  • original scientific papers (contain results from original research);
  • preliminary communications (wherein novel findings may be rapidly published);
  • short communications;
  • review articles (must be original and concise, and provide critical and objective overviews of specific scientific fields in which authors are considered actively involved and recognised);
  • professional papers (contain useful organisational, applied and field observations, based on literature evaluation/critique, personal experience and/or following experimentation).

Authors must submit their manuscripts online to the Author Centre at Authors will be notified by email once their manuscripts have been received. If you do not receive confirmation within one week, please contact the Editorial Office at

Manuscript submission

Submitted manuscripts, including figures and tables, must be uploaded online at – click on the Paper submission or go directly to
If you are a new user, you should create a user account (register) and submit a paper. All pictures and tables should be inserted in the document after references. Accepted document formats are .doc, .docx, 20 MB max.

Preparation of the Manuscript

Please read and follow these instructions carefully so that the publication of your manuscript can be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Publisher reserves the right to return manuscripts that have not been prepared in accordance with these instructions.
Papers must be written in good English. American English or British English are both fine as long as there is consistency. Papers lacking proper English structure and usage will not be considered for publication and will be returned to the author without review.
Additionally, papers written in English should include a title, abstract and keywords in the Croatian language. If authors are not able to provide a Croatian abstract, etc., the editorial team will provide it for them.


Prepare manuscripts using Microsoft Word, save as .docx (Word) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) file and use 1.5 line spacing with 2.5 cm margins on A4 paper. There is no page limit but it is recommended that original articles should not exceed 16 typewritten pages plus tables and figures. Short communications are narrower in scope than articles, but must still be novel, important and of general interest. They should not exceed 6 typewritten pages and contain no more than 4 tables and figures combined.
Arrange consecutively numbered pages in the following order:

  1. title page
  2. abstract with 3-6 keywords
  3. MS text
  4. acknowledgements & funding (if desired)
  5. references
  6. figure and table legends
  7. figures and tables (inserted into the text without page numbers)

Please provide continuous line numbering in the document.

Title Page

The title page (Page 1) contains the title of the article; first and last name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s) with full addresses; corresponding author’s email address; and a running title (max 40 characters). The title should concisely state the topic of the paper in less than 150 characters.


An abstract is required. Abstracts consist of one paragraph of 300 words or less and are complete without reference to the text. Include sample sizes and the key statistics used in your analyses. Do not use acronyms and complex abbreviations, or refer to literature, figures and tables. Include 3-6 keywords or short phrases below the abstract that will be helpful in cross-indexing your article. Try not to use words from the Title as keywords.

MS Text

The text should be easy to read, clear and concise. Do not write the text in the first person. Authors should also follow the recent articles in the Croatian Journal of Fisheries for general formatting. Each figure, table and bibliographic entry must have a reference in the text. All corrections requested by the reviewer should be integrated into the file. The manuscript text must be preceded by an abstract of 300 words or less, followed by: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions.


Papers should be written in English. Authors who are unsure of correct English usage should have their manuscript checked by someone proficient in the language. Papers written in poor English are difficult to understand and assess and will therefore be returned to the author for revision prior to scientific review.


Please submit the names and email addresses of 4 potential referees with the manuscript.

Page Charges

The Croatian Journal of Fisheries has no publication charges.


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