DOI: 10.1515/cjf-2017-0008



2017, 75 (2)   p. 51-57

Ivanka Orkić Krajina, Irella Bogut, Dubravka Čerba, Željko Popović, Ivančica Jurčević Agić


Phytophilous community on Myriophyllum spicatum was studied in a small artificial urban lake in the city of Osijek (eastern Croatia), during the spring and summer season in 2010. In the eutrophic conditions, macrophyte stands were well developed and in the formed periphyton representatives of the following invertebrate taxa were found: Hydrozoa, Nematoda, Gastropoda, Cladocera, Copepoda, Insecta larvae - including families Chironomidae and Coleoptera. They displayed differences in temporal abundance patterns. Two separate phases in macrophyte colonization with differences in invertebrate composition and abundance were recorded. Insect larvae, particularly Chironomidae, were most abundant in the first phase, through the spring period, and Hydra oligactis (brown hydra) was most abundant in the second phase, i.e. summer period. Concurrently, microcrustacean abundance declined towards the end of the summer. Results of the analyses indicated that water temperature and perihyton biomass were the variables exerting the main influence on the invertebrate assemblage, while interestingly, macrophyte size and biomass were negatively correlated with most of the fauna abundance. On the other hand, brown hydra was negatively correlated with all other invertebrate taxa, except gastropods. Larger surface of submersed macrophytes is the main parameter supporting the increase of invertebrate abundance due to providing protection from predators and growth for periphyton, an important food source for these phytophilous organisms. Macrophyte length was positively correlated with Hydra abundance, while Chironomids were more influenced by periphyton biomass. These organisms can indicate water quality conditions and a potential increase in primary and secondary production.


shallow lake, myriophyllum spicatum, periphyton, invertebrates, brown hydra


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