Professional paper


2003, 61 (3)   p. 121-134

Irena Jahutka, Zlatko Homen


For each segment of freshwater fisheries — freshwater aquaculture, commercial and sport and recreational fisheries — there is a legal obligation for data submission to the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, Directorate of fisheries. Within the segments of commercial and sport and recreational fisheries the data submission obligation refers to the period beginning with the year 2003, while in the segment of aquaculture that obligation includes also the year 2002. Data collected for freshwater aquaculture contain the information on production of freshwater fish, total production areas, food, fertilizers and subsidies for freshwater fish farming. Data collected for commercial and sport and recreational fisheries contain the information on catch quantities and number of commercial and sport and recreational fishermen. Freshwater fish production in the year 2001 was 5,549. 50 tons, while the total fresh water fish production in the year 2002 decreased for 1.00% compared to the previous year, amounting to 5,501.07 tons. Although total fresh water fish production constantly decreases comparing to previous years, trout production has increased and the maximum production was noted in the year 2002. Total area of the freshwater fish farms in the year 2001 increased compared to the year 2000 for 2.14% amounting to 11,880.41 ha. Actual production area slightly increased in comparison to the previous year as well and amounted to 9,214.11 ha. In the year 2002 total area of freshwater fish farms was 11,491.29 ha, and 72.13% of that figure was the actual production area, that is 8,288.27 ha. Production per unit area in the year 2001 was 485.31 kg/ha for warm–water species and 280.44 t/ha for cold–water species. In the year 2002 production per unit area for warm–water species was 462.95 kg/ha, and for cold–water species 315.26 t/ha. During the year 2001, in total, 10,575.82 t of food was spent and 1,891 tons of fertilizers and lime, while in the year 2002 12,195.40 tons of food and 2,104 tons of fertilizers and lime. Regarding the number of commercial fishermen the decrease was noted for the period of 2001–2002 in comparison with the period 1998–2000. The total number of sport and recreational fisheren in the year 2001 was 57,781 and in the year 2002 their number was 56,210. During the years 2001 and 2002 subsidies for 8 freshwater species were issued amounting as follows: for carp, grass carp, bighead carp and silver carp the subsidies were 4.00 kn/kg, and for tench, trout, pikeperch, catfish and pike the amount was 6.00 kn/kg.


freshwater fisheries, production, financial incentives


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