Professional paper


1999, 57 (3)   p. 135-144

Mirko Turk


Date on the production and fish cath according to species, on the surface of the fish ponds, on the means of fish catching and on the distribution of the production and the catch in 1998 is presented. Ackerages used for the fish production have been increased 6 ha or 0,66%. The total fish amount was bigger for 462 tons, or 10,04%. The feeding coefficient is 3,8 kg 46,15% bigger compared to the previous year. The amount of the fertilizer used has decreased by 11,45%. The fry carp growing ponds make up 1,39% of the total fish pond surfaces, the yung carp ponds 19.92%, and the ponds with consumption fish 77,76%. The total amount in the carp ponds with consumption fish 77,76%. The total amount in the carp ponds was 522 kg/ha, and in the trout ponds it was 110,4 tons/ha. The most produced fish species is the carp with 79,04% followed the herbivorous fish with 10,42%, the trout with 5,89%, while all the other fish species make up 4,65% of the entire production. In the structure of herbivorous fish the big head carp with 57,57%, followed by the grass carp with 37,31% and the silver carp with 5,12%. Compared to the previous year the production herbivorous fish, the sheat fish, the pike and young carp, while the production the trout. Fish catch in open waters this year not in the files in statisc. The number of fisheries workers has decreased for 5,77%, and the production per worker is bigger for 16,74% compared to the previous year. Average production per worker was 8,38 tons of fish.


fish production, fish catch, fish amount, surface area, fertillizing, feeding


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