DOI: 10.14798/73.3.840


DESCRIPTIVE OSTEOLOGY OF Oxynoemacheilus kermanshahensis (Bănărescu and Nalbant, 1966) (CYPRINIFORMES, NEMACHEILIDAE)

2015, 73 (3)   p. 115-123

Parvin Mafakheri, Soheil Eagderi, Hamid Farahmand, Hamed Mosavii-Sabet


Oxynoemacheilus kermanshahensis is an endemic species of the family Nemacheilidae from the Karkheh River drainage of the Tigris basin. This study was conducted to provide the detailed osteological characters of this species, comparing it with those of other endemic species of the genus Oxynoemacheilus from inland water basins of Iran viz. O. kiabii, O. persa and O. bergianus. For this purpose, eight specimens of O. kermanshaensis were collected and cleaned and stained for the osteological examination. Then a detailed description of its skeletal structure was provided. The results showed that O. kermanshahensis can be distinguished from other three compared Oxynoemacheilus species on the basis of the connection pattern of the frontal and parietal, presence of a supratemporal commissure and orbital shelf, connection pattern of two prootics, possessing a maxilla with convex margin, having the more vertebrae, bearing the least number of the branched ray in the dorsal fin, presence of the five hypurals, possessing fine and thin neural and hemal spines and the shape of swim bladder capsule.


stone loaches, bone, freshwater fishes, taxonomy


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